Research profile

The institute hosts a multidisciplinary team with physicists, biomedical engineers and radiologists, investigating new applications for advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the body together with specialized radiographers. 

Our research projects mainly focuses on methodical developments in MRI (measurement sequences and protocols), data analysis and evaluation. With our research projects, we aim to translate the developments into clinical applications. To this end, we strongly cooperate and support in clinical trials and research projects for medical staff. The team also provides support and expertise in the fields of study planning, study design, preparation of study protocols, practical implementation of studies, data analysis as well as statistical analysis. Our institute collaborates with national and international partners from academia, industry and is being supported by public as well as industrial funding.
Students interested to work on MRI for their BSc or MSc thesis project are welcome to apply, we always have several exciting projects available.

A description of our research projects will appear soon…