Publikationen 2021

Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on the care of patients with acute and chronic aortic conditions

Czerny et al. (including van den Berg JC)


Association of Time of Day When Endovascular Therapy for Stroke Starts and Functional Outcome

Hadju S, Kaesmacher J, Michel P, Sirimarco G, Knebel JF, Bartolini B, Kurmann C, Puccinelli F, Mosimann P, Bonvin C, Arnold M, Niederhäuser J, Eskandari A, Morasini P, Gralla J, Fischer U, Saliou G


The Lisbon agreement on femoroacetabular impingement Imaging - part 2: general issue, Parameters, and reporting

Mascarenhas V, Castro M, Afonso P, Rego P, Dienst M, Sutter R, Schmaranzer F et al.


The Lisbon agreement on femoroacetabular impingement Imaging - part 3: imaging techniques

Castro M, Mascarenhas V, Afonso P, Rego P, Schmaranzer F, et al.


Pulmonary function and radiological features four months after COVID-19: first results from the national prospective observational Swiss COVID-19 lung study

Guler S, Ebner L, Beigelman C, Bridevaux P, Brutsche M, Clarenbach C, Garzoni C, Geiser T, Lenoir A, Mancinetti M, Naccini B, Ott SR, Piquilloud L, Prella M, Que Y, Soccal P, von Garnier C, Funke-Chambour M


Sampling Method Affects HR-MAS NMR Spectra of Healthy Caprine Brain Biopsies

Häni A, Diserens G, Oevermann A, Vermathen P, Precht C


A Cam Morphology Develops in the Early Phase of the Final Growth Spurt in Adolescent Ice Hockey Players: Results of a Prospective MRI-based Study

Hange M, Schmaranzer F, Steppacher S, Reichenbach S, Werlen S, Siebenrock K


Accuraccy of the end-expiratory lung volume measured by the modified nitrogen washout/washin technique: a bench study

Berger-Estilita J, Haenggi M, Ott D, Berger D


Best Practices: Hip Femoroacetabular Impingement

Schmaranzer F, Kheterpal A, Bredella M


Treatment and Outcome in Stroke Patients With Acute M2 Occlusion an Minor Neurological Deficits

Drobocky T, Piechowiak E, Volbers B, Slavova N, Kaesmacher J, Meinel T, Arnold M, Fischer U, Jung S, Gralla J, Mordasini P, Heldner M


Safety and efficacy of intra-arterial fibrinolytics as adjunct to mechanical thrombectomy: a systematic review and meta Analysis of observational data

Kaesmacher J, Meinel T, Kurmann C, Zaidat O, Castonguay A, Zaidi S, Mueller-Kronast N, Kappelhof M, Dippel D, Soudant M, Bracard S, Hill M, Goyal M, Strbian D, Heiferman D, Ashley W, Anadani M, Spiotta A, Dobrocky T, Piechowiak E, Arnold M, Goeldlin M, Seiffge D, Mosimann P, Mordasini P, Gralla J, Fischer U


Bridging May Increase the Risk of Symptomatic Intracranial Hemorrhage in Thrombectomy Patients With Low Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomography Score

Kaesmacher J, Meinel T, Nannoni S, Olivé-Gadea M, Piechowiak E, Maegerlein C, Goeldin M, Pierot L, Seiffge D, Mendes Pereira V, Heldner M, Grunder L, Costalat V, Arnold M, Dobrocky T, Gralla J, Mordasini P, Fischer U


Lung clearance index predicts pulmonary exacerbations in individuals with primary ciliary dyskinesia: a multicentre cohort study

Singer F, Schlegtendal A, Nyilas S, Vermeulen F, Boon M, Koerner-Rettberg C


Influence of ventilation inhomogeneity on diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide in smokers without chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Kurz J, Frey J, Auer R, Rodondi N, Nyilas S, Pavlov N, Funke-Chambour M, Singer F


Cardiac Graft Assessment in the Era of Machine Perfusion: Current and Future Biomarkers

Bona M, Wyss R, Arnold M, Méndez-Carmona N, Sanz M, Günsch D, Barile L, Carrel T, Longnus S


Recanalisation therapies for acute ischaemic stroke patients on direct oral anticoagulants

Seiffge D, Meinel T, Purrucker JC, Kaesmacher J, Fischer U, Wilson D, Wu T


CT perfusion in peripheral arterial disease-hemodynamic differences before and after revascularisation

Veit-Haibach P, Huellner M, Banyai M, Mafeld S, Heverhagen H, Strobel K, Sah BR


Minimum reporting standards for in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRSinMRS): Expert's consensus recommendations

Lin A, Andronesi O, Bogner W, Choi I, Coello E, Cudalbu C, Juchem C, Kemp G, Kreis R, Krssak M, Lee P, Maudsley A,Meyerspeer M, Mlynarik V, Near J, Oez G, Peek A, Puts N, Ratai E, Tkac I, Mullins P


Thrombectomy for primary distal posterior cerebral artery occlusion stroke: The TOPMOST study

Meyer L, Kaesmacher J, Hanning U, et al.


Magnetization-prepared 2 Rapid Gradient-Echo MRI for B1 Insensitive 3D T1 Mapping of Hip Cartilage: An Experimental and Clinical Validation

Schmaranzer F, Afacan O, Lerch TD, Kim YJ, Siebenrock KA, Ith M, Cullmann JL, Kober M, Klarhoefer M, Tannast M, Bixby SD, Novais EN, Jung B


The Crossed Legs, "Ballerina" (or "Johnnie Walker') Configuration: A Solution or Bottle Neck in Endovascular Aneurysm Repair?

van den Berg JC


Safety and Angiographic Efficacy of Intra-Arterial Fibrinolytics as Adjunct to Mechanical Thrombectomy: Results from the INFINITY Registry

Kaesmacher J, et al.


Interpretability-Driven Sample Selection Using Self Supervised Learning For Disease Classification And Segmentation

Mahapatra D, Poellinger A, Shao L, Reyes M


Ultrasound teaching manual - The basics of performing and interpreting ultrasound scans

Hofer M


Immunological activity of peripheral blood lymphocytes points to lupus-related cause of stroke in lupus erythematosus

Böhm I


A prognostic score for non-small cell lung cancer resected after neoadjuvant therapy in comparison with the tumor-node-metastases classification and major pathological response

Zens P, Bello C, Scherz A, Koenigsdorf J, Pöllinger A, Schmid R, Ochsenbein A, Neppl C, Langer R, Berezowska S


Advanced methodology for in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Choi IY, Kreis R.


A case report of a symptomatic right anomalous coronary artery with concomitant atherosclerotic disease: the benefit of a sequential comprehensive non-invasive and invasive diagnostic approach

Bigler MR, Huber AT, Räber L, Gräni C


TEACHING MUST GO ON: flexibility and advantages of peer assisted learning during the COVID-19 pandemic for undergraduate medical ultrasound education - perspective from the "sonoBYstudents" ultrasound group

Nourkami-Tutdibi N, Hofer M, Zemlin M, Abdul-Khaliq H, Tutdibi E


Autochthonous Case of Pulmonary Histoplasmosis, Switzerland

Schmiedel Y, Büchi A, Berezowska S, Pöllinger A, Mühlethaler K, Funke-Chambour M


Vascular Abnormalities Detected with Chest CT in COVID-19: Spectrum, Association with Parenchymal Lesions, Cardiac Changes, and Correlation with Clinical Severity (COVID-CAVA Study)

Qanadi S, Sauter A, Alkadhi H, Christe A, Poletti P, Ebner L, Rotzinger D


Biochemical MRI With dGEMRIC Corresponds to 3D-CT Based Impingement Location for Detection of Acetabular Cartilage Damage in FAI Patients

Lerch T, Ambühl D, Schmaranzer F, Todorski I, Steppacher S, Hanke M, Haefeli P, Liechti E, Siebenrock K, Tannast M


Scientific Advances, Investigative Radiology 2020 (and Beyond)

Runge VM, Heverhagen JT


Association of Pro‐B‐Type Natriuretic Peptide With Cardiac Magnetic Resonance–Measured Global and Regional Cardiac Function and Structure Over 10 Years: The MESA Study

Rahsepar AA, Bluemke DA, Habibi M, Liu K, Kawel-Boehm N, Ambale-Venkatesh B, Fernandes VRS, Rosen BD, Lima JAC, Carr JC


Early Thrombectomy Protects the Internal Capsule in Patients With Proximal Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion

Kaesmacher J, Kaesmacher M, Berndt M, Maegerlein C, Mönch S, Wunderlich S, Meinel TR, Fischer U, Zimmer C, Boeckh-Behrens T, Kleine JF.


Cross-Reactivity and Polyvalent Reactivity in Patients with Iodinated Contrast Medium Allergy: How to Use the Terms Correctly

Schmid AA, Böhm IB


Modern multidisciplinary team approach is crucial in treatment for critical limb threatening ischemia

Van den Berg JC, Driver VR, Holden A, Jaff MR, Lookstein RA, Mustapha JA, Neville RF, Zeller T, Katzen BT; CLI Global Society


ASPECTS-based selection for late endovascular treatment: a retrospective two-site cohort study

Nannoni S, Kaesmacher J, Ricciardi F, Strambo D, Dunet V,Hadju S, Saliou G, Mordasini P, Hakim A, Arnold M, Gralla J, Fischer U, Michel P


Performance of a diagnostic algorithm for fibrotic hypersensitivity pneumonitis. A case–control study

Guller SA, Wohlfarth E, Berezowska S, Geiser TK, Ebner L, Funke-Chambour M


Design and Rationale of the Swiss-Apero Randomized Clinical Trial: Comparison of Amplatzer Amulet vs Watchman Device in Patients Undergoing Left Atrial Appendage Closure

Galea R, De Marco F, Aminian A, Meneveau N, Anselme F,  Gräni C, Huber AT, Teiger E, Iriart X, Angelillis M, Brugger N, Spirito A, Corpataux N, Franzone A, Vranckx P, Fischer U, Pedrazzini G, Bedogni F, Windecker S, Räber L, Valgimigli M


Correction to: Clinical Outcomes of Ambulatory Endovascular Treatment Using 4-French and 6-French Femoral Access Strategies: The Bio4amb Multicentre Trial

Brodmann M, Deloose K, Steinmetz E, Regnard O, Ritter JC, Berger L, Dahm JB, Jansen S, Mwipatayi BP, Desgranges P, Hausegger K, van den Berg JC, BIO4AMB investigators


Association of reperfusion success and emboli in new territories with long term mortality after mechanical thrombectomy

Beyeler, M, Weber l, Kurmann CC, Piechowiak Ell,  Mosimann PJ, Zibold F, Meinel TR, Branca M, Goeldlin M, Pilgram-Pastor SM, Grunder L, Arnold M, Seiffge D, Meier R, Heldner MR, Dobrocky T, Mordasini P, Gralla J, Fischer U, Kaesmacher J


Good Outcome Scores and Low Conversion Rate to THA 10 Years After Hip Arthroscopy for the Treatment of Femoroacetabular Impingement

Büchler L, Grob V, Anwander H, Lerch TD, Haefeli PC


A comprehensive review of imaging findings in COVID-19 - status in early 2021

Afshar-Oromieh A, Prosch H, Schaefer-Prokop C, Bohn KP, Alberts I, Mingels C, Thurnher M, Cumming P, Shi K, Peters A, Geleff S, Lan X, Wang F, Huber A, Gräni C, Heverhagen JT, Rominger A, Fontanellaz M, Schöder H, Christe A, Mougiakakou S, Ebner L


Performance of an AI based CAD system in solid lung nodule detection on chest phantom radiographs compared to radiology residents and fellow radiologists

Peters AA, Decasper A, Munz J, Klaus J, Loebelenz LI, Hoffner MKM, Hourscht C, Heverhagen JT, Christe A, Ebner L


Prospective Comparison of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Computer Tomography for the Evaluation of Complex Cystic Renal Lesions

Vogel DWT, Kiss B, Heverhagen JT, Benackova K, Burkhard F, Müller M, Uehlinger D, Arampatzis S


Artificial Intelligence: Evaluating All Imaging for Cardiovascular Disease

Belachew NF, Baschung S, Almiri W, Encinas R, Kaesmacher J, Dobrocky T, Schankin CJ, Abegg M, Piechowiak EI, Raabe A, Gralla J, Mordasini P


T1 mapping of the liver and the spleen in patients with liver fibrosis—does normalization to the blood pool increase the predictive value?

Obmann VC, Berzigotti A, Catucci D, Ebner L, Gräni C, Heverhagen JT, Christe A, Huber AT


The role of imaging in the management of renal masses

Tsili AC, Andriotis E, Gkeli MG, Krokidis M, Stasinopoulou M, Varkarakis IM, Moulopoulos LA


Comparison of electrodiagnosis, neurosonography and MR neurography in localization of ulnar neuropathy at the elbow

Ho MJ, Held U, Steigmiller K, Manoliu A, Schiller A, Hinzpeter R, Lanz C, Martinoli C, Jung HH, Petersen JA


Radiological CT Patterns and Distribution of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillus, Non-Aspergillus, Cryptococcus and Pneumocystis Jirovecii Mold Infections – A Multicenter Study

Obmann VC, Bickel F, Hosek N, Ebner L, Huber AT, Damonti L, Zimmerli S, Christe A


Thoraxbildgebung bei COVID-19

Pöllinger A, Frauenfelder T, Hautz W, Ruder T


Hepatocellular Carcinoma Drug-Eluting Bead Transarterial Chemoembolization (DEB-TACE): Outcome Analysis Using a Model Based On Pre-Treatment CT Texture Features

Tipaldi M.A., Ronconi E., Lucertini E., Krokidis M., Begini P., Marignani M., Mazzuca F., Zerunian M., Polidori T., Caruso D., et al


The blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) effect of in-vitro myoglobin and hemoglobin

Guensch DP, Michel MC, Huettenmoser SP, Jung B, Gulac P, Segiser A, Longnus SL, Fischer K


Ionic and non-ionic intravenous X-ray contrast media: antibacterial agents?

Mosler F, Richter JK, Schindewolf M, Mertineit N, Tengg-Kobligk HV, Heverhagen JT, Nöldge G


Detection of pulmonary embolism on CT-angiography using contrast attenuation of pulmonary veins.

Hausmann D, Maher A, Sieron DA, Huber AT, Obmann VC, Ebner L, Christe A


Diagnosis and staging of hepatobiliary malignancies: Potential incremental value of (18)F-FDG-PET/MRI compared to MRI of the liver

Obmann VC, Grosse-Hokamp N, Alberts I, Fulton N, Rassouli N, Siegel C, Avril N, Herrmann KA


Posterior Extra-articular Ischiofemoral Impingement Can Be Caused by the Lesser and Greater Trochanter in Patients With Increased Femoral Version: Dynamic 3D CT–Based Hip Impingement Simulation of a Modified FABER Test

Lerch TD, Zwingelstein S, Schmaranzer F, Boschung A, Hanke MS, Todorski IAS, Steppacher SD, Gerber N, Zeng G, Siebenrock KA, Tannast M


Live monitorig of cellular metabolism and mitochondrial respiration in 3D cell culture system using NMR spectroscopy

Hertig D, Maddah S, Memedovski R, Kurth S, Moreno A, Pennestri M, Felser A, Nuoffer JM, Vermathen P


Correlation of gastrointestinal perforation location and amount of free air and ascites on CT imaging

Drakopoulos D, Arcon J, Freitag P, El-Ashmawy M, Lourens S, Beldi G, Obmann VC, Ebner L, Huber AT, Christe A


The EOS 3D imaging system reliably measures posterior tibial slope

Hecker A, Lerch TD, Egli RJ, Liechti EF, Klenke FM


Takayasu arteritis: Prevalence and clinical presentation in Switzerland

Gloor AD, Chollet L, Christ LA, Cullmann JL, Bonel HM, Villiger PM


Utility of Intravenous Alteplase Prior to Endovascular Stroke Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of RCTs

Katsanos A, Turc G, Psychogios M, Kaesmacher J, Palaiodimou L, Stefanou MI, Magoufis G, Shoamanesh A, Themistocleous M, Sacco S, Fiehler J, Gralla J, Strbian D, Alexandrov AV, Fischer U, Tsivgoulis G 


Multiplanar reformation improves identification of the anterolateral ligament with MRI of the knee

Hecker A, Egli RJ, Liechti EF, Leibold CS, Klenke FM


Renal Pelvis Opacification on Postmyelography Computed Tomography as an Indicator for Cerebrospinal Fluid Loss in Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension

Piechowiak EI, Bär L, Häni L, Branca M, Kaesmacher J, Mordasini P, Raabe A, Ulrich CT, Gralla J, Beck J, Dobrocky T


Emergent open conversion for stent-graft deployment failure in a ruptured thoracic aneurysm

Kohler C, Wyss TR, Mertineit N, Makaloski V, Schmidli J


Dual-energy CT of acute bowel ischemia

Obmann MM, Punjabi G, Obmann VC, Boll DT, Heye T, Benz MR, Yeh BM


Imaging in head and neck cancers: Update for non-radiologist

Kim SY, Beer M, Tshering Vogel DW


Disproportionate Vertebral Bodies and Their Impact on Lumbar Disc Herniation

Läubli R, Brugger R, Pirvu T, Hoppe S, Sieroń D, Szyluk K, Albers CE, Christe A


Thrombectomy for secondary distal, medium vessel occlusions of the posterior circulation: seeking complete reperfusion

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Cystic Hepatic Neuroendocrine Tumor

Haupt F, Afshar-Oromieh A, Obmann VC, Huber AT, Maurer M


The Effect of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy on Skeletal Muscle Lipid Content in Obese and Nonobese Men

Koenig AM, Koehler U, Hildebrandt O, Schwarzbach H, Hannemann L, Boneberg R, Heverhagen JT, Mahnken AH, Keller M, Kann PH, Deigner HP, Laur N, Kinscherf R, Hildebrandt W


Complications of hip preserving surgery

Hanke MS, Lerch TD, Schmaranzer F, Meier MK, Steppacher SD, Siebenrock KA


Correction to: Casper Versus Precise Stent for the Treatment of Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

Belachew NF, Baschung S, Almiri W, Encinas R, Kaesmacher J, Dobrocky T, Schankin CJ, Abegg M, Piechowiak EI, Raabe A, Gralla J, Mordasini P


Radial self-navigated native magnetic resonance angiography in comparison to navigator-gated contrast-enhanced MRA of the entire thoracic aorta in an aortic patient collective

Correa Londono M, Trussardi N, Obmann VC, Piccini D, Ith M, von Tengg-Kobligk H, Jung B


Diagnostik und Therapie traumatischer Aortenverletzungen

Benz RM, Makaloski V, Brönnimann M, Mertineit N, von Tengg-Kobligk H


Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination

Boscolo Berto M, Spano G, Wagner B, Bernhard B, Häner J, Huber AT, Gräni C


Value of 3T diffusion weighted MRI in comparison with CECT in detection of ovarian cancer and ovarian cancer recurrence

Härmä K, Sipola PJ, Vainio P, Pelkonen O, Rautiainen S, Anttila M, Ritva LV


Results and interpretation of a fitting challenge for MR spectroscopy set up by the MRS study group of ISMRM

Marjańska M, Deelchand DK, Kreis R; 2016 ISMRM MRS Study Group Fitting Challenge Team


Metastases-Like Liver Lesions in Two Different Types of Porphyria – Porphyria Cutanea Tarda (PCT) and Acute Hepatic Porphyria (AHP) – and the Role of CEUS

Correa Londoño M, Weiss D


Current trends in reduction or elimination of the aortic impulse during stent-graft deployment and balloon moulding during thoracic endovascular aortic repair

Gottardi R, Wyss TR, van den Berg JC, Rylski B, Berger T, Schmidli J, Czerny M


Corrigendum to ‘Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on the care of patients with acute and chronic aortic conditions’

Czerny M, Gottardi R, Puiu P, Bernecker OY, Citro R, Corte AD, di Marco L, Fink M, Gosslau Y, Haldenwang PL, Heijmen RH, Hugas-Mallorqui M, Iesu S, Jacobsen O, Jassar AS, Juraszek A, Kolowca M, Lepidi S, Marrocco-Trischitta MM, Matsuda H, Meisenbacher K, Micari A, Minatoya K, Park KH, Peterss S, Petrich M, Piffaretti G, Probst C, Reutersberg B, Rosati F, Schachner B, Schachner T, Sorokin VA, Szeberin Z, Szopinski P, Di Tommaso L, Trimarchi S, Verhoeven ELG, Vogt F, Voetsch A, Walter T, Weiss G, Yuan X, Benedetto F, De Bellis A, D'Oria M, Discher P, Zierer A, Rylski B, van den Berg JC, Wyss TR, Bossone E, Schmidli J, Nienaber C; Collaborators:, Accarino G, Baldascino F, Böckler D, Corazzari C, D'Alessio I, de Beaufort H, De Troia C, Dumfarth J, Galbiati D, Gorgatti F, Hagl C, Hamiko M, Huber F, Hyhlik-Duerr A, Ianelli G, Iesu I, Jung JC, Kainz FM, Katsargyris A, Koter S, Kusmierczyk M, Kolsut P, Lengyel B, Lomazzi C, Muneretto C, Nava G, Nolte T, Pacini D, Pleban E, Rychla M, Sakamoto K, Shijo T, Yokawa K, Siepe M, Sirch J, Strauch J, Sule JA, Tobler EL, Walter C, Weigang E


Association of Pediatric ASPECTS and NIH Stroke Scale, Hemorrhagic Transformation, and 12-Month Outcome in Children With Acute Ischemic Stroke

Beslow LA, Vossough A, Ichord RN, Slavova N, Yau MLY, Gajera J, Stojanovski B, Adil MM, Breimann J, Kimmel A, Mackay MT


Multi-centre randomised controlled trial comparing arthroscopic hip surgery to physiotherapist-led care for femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) syndrome on hip cartilage metabolism: the Australian FASHIoN trial

Hunter DJ, Eyles J, Murphy NJ, Spiers L, Burns A, Davidson E, Dickenson E, Fary C, Foster NE, Fripp J, Griffin DR, Hall M, Kim YJ, Linklater JM, Molnar R, Neubert A, O'Connell RL, O'Donnell J, O'Sullivan M, Randhawa S, Reichenbach S, Schmaranzer F, Singh P, Tran P, Wilson D, Zhang H, Bennell KL


Early Neurologic Deterioration in Lacunar Stroke: Clinical and Imaging Predictors and Association With Long-term Outcome

Vynckier J, Maamari B, Grunder L, Goeldlin MB, Meinel TR, Kaesmacher J, Hakim A, Arnold M, Gralla J, Seiffge DJ, Fischer U


Hip Position Acutely Affects Oxygenation and Perfusion of Kidney Grafts as Measured by Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methods—The Bent Knee Study

Mani LY, Seif M, Nikles F, Tshering Vogel DW, Diserens G, Martirosian P, Burnier M, Vogt B, Vermathen P


Risk of Major Amputation Following Application of Paclitaxel Coated Balloons in the Lower Limb Arteries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

Katsanos K, Spiliopoulos S, Teichgräber U, Kitrou P, Del Giudice C, Björkman P, Bisdas T, de Boer S, Krokidis M, Karnabatidis D


Editorial: Hemostasis and Stroke

Bagoly Z, Behme D, Kaesmacher J, Martinez De Lizarrondo S


Clinical impact of left atrial appendage filling defects in patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Okuno T, Lanz J, Stortecky S, Heg D, Bernhard B, Gräni C, Huber A, Praz F, Räber L, Valgimigli M, Siontis GCM, Windecker S, Pilgrim T


Stent-Based Retrieval Techniques in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients with and Without Susceptibility Vessel Sign

Belachew NF, Piechowiak EI, Dobrocky T, Meinel TR, Hakim A, Barvulsky EA, Vynckier J, Arnold M, Seiffge DJ, Wiest R, Fischer U, Gralla J, Kaesmacher J, Mordasini P


Cross-reactivity among iodinated contrast agents: should we be concerned?

Schmid AA, Morelli JN, Hungerbühler MN, Boehm IB


3Tesla post-mortem MRI quantification of anatomical brain structures

Arnold I, Schwendener N, Lombardo P, Jackowski C, Zech WD


Chronic occluded coronary aneurysm as a complication of Kawasaki disease: a long-term follow-up

Peters AA, Abbuehl H, Spano G, Graeni C, Huber AT


Beyond Single-Cell Analysis of Metallodrugs by ICP-MS: Targeting Cellular Substructures

Galé A, Hofmann L, Lüdi N, Hungerbühler MN, Kempf C, Heverhagen JT, von Tengg-Kobligk H, Broekmann P, Ruprecht N


The Clinical Utility of Magnetic Resonance Imaging According to Field Strength, Specifically Addressing the Breadth of Current State-of-the-Art Systems, Which Include 0.55 T, 1.5 T, 3 T, and 7 T

Runge VM, Heverhagen JT


Posterior reversible leukoencephalopathy syndrome associated with acute postinfectious glomerulonephritis: systematic review

Orlando C, Milani GP, Simonetti GD, Goeggel Simonetti B, Lava SAG, Wyttenbach R, Bianchetti MG, Cristallo Lacalamita M


Evolution of MRI Findings in Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension after Venous Sinus Stenting

Belachew NF, Almiri W, Encinas R, Hakim A, Baschung S, Kaesmacher J, Dobrocky T, Schankin CJ, Abegg M, Piechowiak EI, Raabe A, Gralla J, Mordasini P


Lower pelvic tilt, lower pelvic incidence, and increased external rotation of the iliac wing in patients with femoroacetabular impingement due to acetabular retroversion compared to hip dysplasia

Lerch TD, Boschung A, Schmaranzer F, Todorski IAS, Vanlommel J, Siebenrock KA, Steppacher SD, Tannast M


Aortic compression of the esophagus: A case report and literature review

Tomforde M, Kupsch H, Christe A, Sturzenegger M, Essig M


Cerebral blood flow and cognitive outcome after pediatric stroke in the middle cerebral artery

Steiner L, Federspiel A, Jaros J, Slavova N, Wiest R, Steinlin M, Grunt S, Everts R


SWI Susceptibility Vessel Sign in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Belachew NF, Dobrocky T, Aleman EB, Meinel TR, Hakim A, Vynckier J, Arnold M, Seiffge DJ, Wiest R, Mordasini P, Gralla J, Fischer U, Piechowiak EI, Kaesmacher J


Noninvasive assessment of clinically significant portal hypertension using ΔT1 of the liver and spleen and ECV of the spleen on routine Gd-EOB-DTPA liver MRI

Catucci D, Obmann VC, Berzigotti A, Gräni C, Guensch DP, Fischer K, Ebner L, Heverhagen JT, Christe A, Huber AT


Femoral cartilage damage occurs at the zone of femoral head necrosis and can be accurately detected on traction MR arthrography of the hip in patients undergoing joint preserving hip surgery

Schmaranzer F, Lerch TD, Steppacher SD, Siebenrock KA, Schmaranzer E, Tannast M


Delayed hypersensitivity reaction after oral intake of non-ionic iodinated contrast medium

Peters AA, Heverhagen JT, Boehm IB


Clinical presentation of simple and combined or syndromic arteriovenous malformations

Bernhard SM, Tuleja A, Laine JE, Haupt F, Häberli D, Hügel U, Rössler J, Schindewolf M, Baumgartner I


Mechanical Thrombectomy in Patients with a Large Ischemic Volume at Presentation: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Kerleroux B, Janot K, Hak JF, Kaesmacher J, Hassen WB, Benzakoun J, Oppenheim C, Herbreteau D, Ifergan H, Bricout N, Henon H, Yoshimoto T, Inoue M, Consoli A, Costalat V, Naggara O, Lapergue B, Cagnazzo F, Boulouis G


Relevance of Brain Regions’ Eloquence Assessment in Patients With a Large Ischemic Core Treated With Mechanical Thrombectomy

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Risks of Undersizing Stent Retriever Length Relative to Thrombus Length in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

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